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I currently have ONE 5.3 short block for sale. Immediate shipping. This short block was just completed on 9/28/2022. I do all machine and building in house by me. I don't mass produce these. They are machined and built one at a time, I do about 1 short block per week.  Look below for complete features and in depth specs. This short block has the letter A stamped on the pan rail, you are getting this exact short block in the pictures. Look through the dozen photos to see exactly what is offered. No junk here. If you are looking for cheap junk, I am NOT the guy, sorry.  Call 877-346-9933 or email, before its GONE! If you still see this page, it's available. 

  • Machined GM LS 4.8-5.3 Block
  • 3.800 Finished Bore Size
  • 9.225 Deck Height (MLS gasket ready)
  • Dura-Bond CHP-25 Cam Bearings
  • Clevite MS 2199H Main Bearings
  • Clevite CB 663 HN-HXN
  • ARP Main Studs
  • GM 3.622 Crank, Internally Balanced, 58 tooth wheel, Standard main and rod bearing journal size. 
  • K1 Technologies H-Beam Connecting Rods. ARP2000 rod bolts. 6.098 length (6.125 unavailable during covid)
  • Wiseco Custom Design 2618 Forged Pistons.  1.316 compression height, Flat top .0045 piston to wall clearance
  • Wiseco GNX Ring Package 1.2mm-1.2mm-3.0mm Steel Nitrided top ring, Napier cut second ring, STD tension oil ring .020-.022 ring gap
  • Wiseco .927 x 2.250 x .200 wall 9310 steel wrist pins .0012-.0014 pin clearance
  • Machined aluminum oil galley plugs (barbell) (see photos)

This short block can be shipped within 24 hours once shipping is arranged. I ship worldwide, literally.  YOU MUST call the shop to order, this can not be ordered online. There is currently only ONE available. 

Call toll free 877-346-9933

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