Comp Cams LS7 Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker System 1983-16

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COMP Cams introduces another industry first with their Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker Systems, a bolt-in bushed shaft rocker system that increases valve train stiffness helping your engine achieve higher levels of performance. By tying all eight rocker arms together on a single shaft that fits in the stock rocker stand, COMP Cams has found a way to improve valve train dynamics, increase valve train stiffness and reduce deflection under extreme loads. The increased valve train stiffness created the BSR rocker system allows your existing cam to act like a larger camshaft by transferring more of the motion to the valve or the use of more aggressive, higher lift cams without losing control of the valve train. Take complete control of your valves with the COMP Cams Max-Lift BSR shaft rocker system.

- 1.8 Rocker Ratio

- 8mm Stud Size

- Steel Rocker Arm Material 

- Black Nitride Rocker Arms Finish 

- For use with LS7 heads only

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