Wiseco RED Series LS Flat Top Pistons (3.622 stroke)

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Engineered, forged, and machined in the USA from 2618 aluminum for tensile strength needed in performance racing and power adder applications

Dedicated forgings allow for optimized, engine-specific strutted design to maximize strength-to-weight characteristics

ArmorGlide skirt coating reduces operating friction and noise while also reducing skirt and cylinder wear

Horizontal slot oiling in pin bores maintain optimal wrist pin and small-end lubrication, critical for long service life

Accumulator groove helps maintain consistent ring seal and power

Each part number includes premium rings – no need for additional sourcing

  • 1.294 Compression Height 
  • -4cc Flat Top
  • 3.622 Stroke
  • 6.125 Rods
  • .927 Pin Diameter
  • Multi Fit Valve Pocket Combo 
  • Includes Premium Rings 

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